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Ok about me....I'm Chef Ruthann and I have been baking since I was old enough to hold a spoon and pat a Mud-Pie. After graduating from Mud-Pie U, I moved on to a fancy green-colored Easy-Bake Oven.
​Now with my 30+ years of professional cake decorating experience I have acquired a wide variety of techniques. My forte' is a traditional Butter Crème Frosting method, but I am creatively versed in the fondant world as well.

My Signature Butter Creme is made with Butter, never Shortening, is not overly sweet and never gets crusty nor does it leave a film in your mouth. I have a Trade Secret protecting my Butter Creme - it's that amazing!
I am also known for my intricately decorated sugar cookies which always seem to bring a smile to everyone's face. Each morsel is created with passion and perfection, using nothing but the finest ingredients. So, if you want to get away from the manufactured assembly-line products and taste the gourmet delicacies that you can only get in small-batch baking, look no further! 

My promise to you is not only will my art be beautiful, it will also taste amazing!

My Husband


Here is Gregg doing a photo shoot OF a CUTE LITTLE cupcake!


​​105 N. Bridge St, Suite B   Bellaire, Michigan 49615    231-350-7010

Gregg is my right-hand man, from folding cake boxes, to running the Storefront, as well as ordering my ingredients. His favorite task is probably taste testing. Cutest thing is that he is always ready to get his phone out to show you pictures of my work.

Thank you Gregg for being my biggest fan!

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I see Collin and Addison and .......

​​​Ruthann's Gourmet Bakery is licensed with the State of Michigan and supplies professional designer Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Pies, Gourmet Muffins, Artisan Breads, Bagels and the best Wedding Cakes ever tasted.

Ruthann's only uses the freshest and finest ingredients and buys Michigan products when available. The Bakery has been in the making since 1985 but never really had a formal name until 2012 when it became Ruthann's Gourmet Bakery

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Ruthann's Gourmet Bakery

Ruthann's Gourmet Bakery

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